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Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and the restrictions put in place by the Scottish Government, we are currently unable to welcome general guests to Breakish Escape

We can however welcome key workers and those classed as 'essential customers'.

Below you’ll find some frequently asked questions regarding COVID-19 however if there is anything else you need to know please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Q: Where can I find the latest information on COVID-19 and travelling to the Isle of Skye?

A: Please visit the Scottish Government’s website by clicking HERE for the latest information about the impact of Coronavirus on tourism in Scotland. We also advise familiarising yourself with restrictions in your own individual area.

Q: I can no longer travel to the Isle of Skye due to COVID-19 restrictions – what should I do?

A: It is your responsibility to cancel any bookings held with Breakish Escape. The easiest way to do this is via Booking.com – cancellation policies are as per the time of booking. 

Q: I am a key worker can I stay at Breakish Escape?

A: Yes. Under current government guidelines Breakish Escape can facilitate key workers during lockdown periods. Please feel free to contact us directly to discuss your requirements and make a booking. 

Q: I am not a key worker but I have to visit the Isle of Skye - can I stay at Breakish Escape?

A: Breakish Escape can also accommodate ‘essential customers’ who fall into the following categories:

- Guests who require accommodation for a funeral

- Guests who require accommodation whilst moving to a new house

- Guests who require accommodation to attend a marriage ceremony or civil partnership

Q: Restaurants, cafes and non-essential shops will be shut during my time in the Isle of Skye – what should I do?

A: During the COVID-19 restrictions key workers or essential customers will have access to the microwave, toaster and fridge in the guest dining area.  

Q: What safeguarding measures has Breakish Escape put in place to protect against COVID-19?

A: We’re taking extra precautions to keep both you, and ourselves, safe. As well as maintaining our exceptionally high standards of cleanliness we have implemented additional hand sanitising stations and will use appropriate PPE when doing breakfast service. Depending on the number of guests breakfast may be served in two separate sittings. Sadly we do also have to limit the level of interaction we have with our guests.

Q: A: I know I can’t travel yet but I would like to make a booking for the future – what should I do?

A: Please continue to support us. As soon as we are allowed we will open our doors and welcome guests back to the Isle of Skye. Our current cancellation policy allows for FREE cancellation up to a week before your intended stay.